How does SourceAmerica get jobs for the severely disabled?


     If you are severely disabled or know someone who is, you probably know how hard it can be to get a job. Many businesses say they do not discriminate, as that is against the law, but then do discriminate during the hiring process.


That is one reason why, if you are disabled and currently looking for a job, you should look for jobs through SourceAmerica.


What is SourceAmerica? -- This is a non-profit organization that finds jobs for people with severe disabilities. The board of directors of the organization know just how difficult people with disabilities find it when job hunting, so they make sure SourceAmerica does everything it can to help.


What does SourceAmerica do to help you get a job? -- SourceAmerica is an agency that works with three entities -- the federal government, large corporations and other non-profits.


It has contracts with all of these entities. Contracts that have a certain number of vacant jobs within each of them. It is then up to SourceAmerica to fill these vacant positions with people who have disabilities and are qualified for them.


How can you get a job through them? -- There are two ways you can usually get a job through SourceAmerica.


First, contact them directly and find out which non-profits they work with in your community. Then contact each non-profit and find out what you need to do to be considered for a job through SourceAmerica.


Or you can contact any of the non-profits working with people with disabilities in your area, as chances are several of them work with SourceAmerica to find employment for their clients.


Getting a job through SourceAmerica is much easier than trying to do it by yourself, so why not contact them today to find out how you need to start.


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